Big up your style!

  • got2b 2sexy hairspray

    volumizing HAIRSPRAY

    Be irresistibly 2 sexy with got2b 2 sexy big volume HAIRSPRAY. This plumping hairspray gives you that push up you need to flaunt that sexy, show-stopping big volume! Be naughty and big up your style!

    How 2b sexy: Hold can 30cm away from head and spray generously for x-tra plumped up styles. Use in short bursts.

  • got2b 2sexy spray mousse

    volumizing SPRAY MOUSSE

    Be irresistibly 2 sexy with got2b`s first sprayable styling mousse. got2b 2 sexy volumizing SPRAY MOUSSE allows precise application to plump up your hair straight from the roots for that show-stopping big volume boost! Be naughty and big up your style! 

    How 2b sexy: Shake can very well, hold it upright and spray into damp roots or in to hands. Work through the roots and hair then style as desired. For x-tra plump styles, blow dry hair upside down while using a round brush.