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  • got2b istylers texture clay

    TEXTURE clay

    Do you feel like moulding and creatively manipulating? Then choose got2b iStylers TEXTURE clay to create your individual matt and textured style with strong hold⁴.

    How to use: Work the clay between your palms and rub into dry hair.

    Tips: For even more textured looks use on finger tips and twist pieces of hair to get your style into submission.

  • got2b istylers restyler fibre paste

    RESTYLER fibre paste

    Are you a hair chameleon, always changing from one style to another? Then choose got2b iStylers RESTYLER fibre paste to create your individual, endlessly remouldable style with medium hold³.

    How to use: Rub the paste between your palms and work into towel-dried or dry hair.

    Tips: If you change your mind throughout the day, simply rework and re-arrange your style masterpiece.